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Lia Gibson
Lia Gibson
Operations at TechTO


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Lia Gibson , Operations at TechTO

Advisory boards and their relationship with the entrepreneurs are subjective to what you need to fill gaps in either your expertise or company. If you need legal support, having a lawyer on your advisory team would be a great asset; if you need someone with the business connections than choosing someone who has a strong network can really help make your business. Because they are not an official part of the company, the relationship is key!

Choosing the right advisory board members is important! Make sure your advisors are people who will tell you the truth, it doesn't benefit your business to have things sugar-coated or backed with assumptions and not facts. You should also be choosing people who can help your business succeed in the market in 2019; that means looking for people who understand your industry and the current market. 

When it comes to advisory boards you have to ensure that you manage that the relationship so it best fits what you need from them. That comes down to managing expectations of their involvement and making sure the relationship is beneficial rather than just making more work for the entrepreneur.  Make it clear how you want them involved and where you will need their support.

Lia Gibson , Operations at TechTO

Network. Network. Network. 

  1. Go out to events! There are a ton of tech-focused events happening across the city. TechTO1, StartUp HERE Toronto3, Meetup.com2 and BlogTO are great places to find out about events happening in the city.
  2. Figure out which sector within tech gets you excited. The tech ecosystem is such an expansive space that there is bound to be a company or sector that you would love to be part of. Narrowing down the field will help you find people in that sector you should be reaching out to. Which brings me to my next point.
  3. Do your research. Find people in similar roles to yours at tech companies or who have made the switch into tech. Take them for coffee or ask to hop on a five minute call to learn more about what it is like in their role or how they made the switch into tech.
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